Eggs in a Nest dress

PicMonkey-CollageRemember a while ago, I received a care package of lovely bright fabrics from Nigeria, courtesy of my friend Erin? Of course you do. Well, here is the first result! Continue reading


Florals and Pleats


Hello sewing-lovahs! Been a bit of a break as I got sick like the puppy, but I am back and mildly raring to go (antibiotics suck the life outta you, don’t they). Here I present to you another franken-dress: the bodice is from Simplicity 1873, the sleeves are self-drafted using a Topshop dress I like, and the shirt is self-pleated using my own new technique (Which I will do a tutorial on this weekend). Let me tell you, pleating without a pattern and getting everything to match was an… interesting experience, one I could have avoided with some maths. But I don’t like maths. And this way it was a voyage of discovery. *cough*. Continue reading

Project: Copycatting a Copycat.

Navy Dress

Fellow sewists, I don’t know about you, but before I buy a pattern (and , to be honest, even afterwards) I generally Google it. It’s useful to see how the design has turned out on normal bodies, as opposed to models, what kind of fabrics, they’ve has success with, what sort of problems might have come up (and of course, any solutions I might need to know about). Continue reading

Technique of the Week


Have you ever noticed those little circles on your pattern? The ones at seemingly random points that you’re supposed to mark? Have you ever struggled to mark them? Well, friends, struggle no more, for I have learned about Tailor Tacks, and am going to share this super-easy technique.


Circley-thing of infamy, and a sewing needle.

Continue reading

That first greeting post.

So awkward, right? nothing before, still lots (hopefully) to come. This is a journey through time and space, as I sew my way from “yeah, that’s good enough to wear” slapdash sewing to expert craftsmanship worthy of couture.

Well, that’s the plan, at least.

Above left is a fabric  I bought from Plush Addict (so lovely, but suuuch heinous shipping fees to South Africa). Lovely cotton, slightly calicoey- pretty sure it’s quilting cotton. should be stiff enough for the dress  I plan, but with a bit of drape. On the right is a pattern I recently ordered from My plan is to marry them, and what a blissful union it shall be.

Another plan. So many!

In any case, the next couple of posts will be an update on my current project and a tutorial on all things button-y.