My Dream fabric #3: Makower Locally Grown Eggs


So, I was thinking about baby birds the other day (as you do), and it seems to me that the cuter the chick, the uglier the adult bird and vice-versa. Chickens are not the ugliest bird around, but they are kind of silly-looking, and/ or boring; but their chicks are so cute and yellow and fluffy! Totes adorbs, as I’m told  the young people say these days . Continue reading


My Dream fabric #1: Michael Miller Pointillism Primary


I’ve decided to do a weekly feature on the fabrics I see out there on the interwebs but cannot possibly afford to buy myself. There are quite a few (hundred) so, I’ll narrow it down to one a week.

This week, I’m in love with Michael Miller Pointillism Primary. it’s such a lovely mix of dark and colourful, great for a dress to go from day to night! Possibly even a cool variation of Burda 7012. I can totally see it happening. I like that the pattern is interesting but still wearable- so many of these patterns look great on the bolt but look silly on a human person.

It’s available at Plush Addict for £10.00 per metre, plus shipping. so, let’s say 4 metres and about 12 pounds shipping, a grand total of £53- R832.71! YOINKS! I shall have to wait for that to go on sale! A girl can dream though…

*DISCLAIMER* Nobody has sponsored me or gifted me items or money or anything, because nobody gives me anything for free. It makes me sad.