Stripe Dress- New Look 6723

IMG_3140Why yes, I did pose self-consciously in the garden at work as a bemused construction- person stared bemusedly.

I finished this dress a while ago, when I was on leave, but I wore it yesterday, which was a good opportunity to photograph it. It was a lot of work and involved a fair deal of new skills (and some cursing), but it turned out pretty well! Continue reading


Project: Copycatting a Copycat.

Navy Dress

Fellow sewists, I don’t know about you, but before I buy a pattern (and , to be honest, even afterwards) I generally Google it. It’s useful to see how the design has turned out on normal bodies, as opposed to models, what kind of fabrics, they’ve has success with, what sort of problems might have come up (and of course, any solutions I might need to know about). Continue reading