My Dream Fabric #2: Michael Miller Flight in navy


I have a confession to make: I’m a sucker for fabric with birds on it. Even if it does remind me uncomfortably of that Portlandia skit. I bought the most adorable top in Thailand on sale that had both laser-cutting (laser-cut fabric! so futuristic! clothes of the future!) and black birdies flying in a white sky (musta been cloudy that day). Alas, I neglected to try it on; there really wasn’t anywhere to do that, it was this tiny stand in the upper floors of Terminal 21; and when I got home I realised that by upper arms were too fat to get my arms in  and my boobs were to big (!) to do up the blouse.  It was child-sized. I am still very sad about that.

So I covet this, rather. it’s quilting fabric (all the best patterns are ) so it would be a bit heavy for a blouse, but I could see it in a cute tunic dress- perhaps the  dress hack of Tilly’s Mathilde blouse?