An ode to Polytrace


Regular readers of my blog (or readers of my comments on other blogs) will know that my tracing situation has been a bit unusual. While everyone else uses lovely swedish tracing paper, or that gridded paper that looks all professional; I have been muddling along with plastic book cover rolls. Continue reading


The Floral Anna

floral-annaA while ago I decided to give the Anna pattern by By Hand London a try- my first indie pattern! I was mostly inspired by all the variations that Roisin made. And on Saturday, I popped into the post office to collect my new friend. Continue reading

My Dream Fabric 4: Imaginary Lottery Win.

MDF 4I can’t do it any more. I can’t pick just one fabric at a time to lust after. They’re all just too pretty! So this week I’m going to make like a Donna Juanita of fabric-lovin’ and choose my favourites like I just came into a generous, hopefully tax-free lump sum of money. Being practical, of course most of that would go toward paying off debt, some savings, perhaps a nice first-class trip somewhere and a dishwasher (dishwashers! O the champagne dreams!). And then I’d rock and plushaddict like a hurricane. Going Crazy. Buying  4 metre lengths at a time. Livin’ la vida loca.

Continue reading

Florals and Pleats


Hello sewing-lovahs! Been a bit of a break as I got sick like the puppy, but I am back and mildly raring to go (antibiotics suck the life outta you, don’t they). Here I present to you another franken-dress: the bodice is from Simplicity 1873, the sleeves are self-drafted using a Topshop dress I like, and the shirt is self-pleated using my own new technique (Which I will do a tutorial on this weekend). Let me tell you, pleating without a pattern and getting everything to match was an… interesting experience, one I could have avoided with some maths. But I don’t like maths. And this way it was a voyage of discovery. *cough*. Continue reading

Stripe Dress- New Look 6723

IMG_3140Why yes, I did pose self-consciously in the garden at work as a bemused construction- person stared bemusedly.

I finished this dress a while ago, when I was on leave, but I wore it yesterday, which was a good opportunity to photograph it. It was a lot of work and involved a fair deal of new skills (and some cursing), but it turned out pretty well! Continue reading

I got mail!


My friend Erin and I did a fabric exchange a while ago, and I sent her some groovy Purpley-blue Shwe-shwe fabric , and in exchange she sent me some Nigerian wax-print cotton.  And what a bonanza! THREE different prints! I’m super-excited to see what I can get out  of  them. I’m thinking sleeveless dress for the eggs, full pleated skirt for the fans, and these  trousers for the shrimp.

What do you think?