A Brand New Year. Well, Almost.


Hello there sewists, and welcome to 2014! So far, 2014 is a completely different animal than it’s older sibling 2013. I started a new job at the beginning of the year, and have been going full-steam with training. So, while I’ve been sewing a fair bit, my blogging has fallen by the wayside a bit. Hopefully once I get used to the work and my new schedule, I can get back into the swing of things, blogging-wise. Also, I’m hoping to buy a dress form in the not-too-distant future, which I’m totes going to use for dress shoots.

Sorry folks, but a model I ain’t. Also, it’s far easier to shoot another body, especially one that’s really good at standing still :).

I had a wee break between finishing my old job and starting training for the new one, so  the Gentleman and I managed to have a nice weekend in Franschhoek. We tasted wine and browsed the main street, and even managed to find a cool little used bookstore hidden down a side street. It’s fun when you turn left instead of right and find something you would never have discovered otherwise. 


Of course I had to check out the crafts section before we left, and what do you know? I found a set of books printed by the Women’s institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, Scranton PA. They date back to 1927! And I scooped up the set for a measly R130!  Apparently it’s not a complete set, which is why they were going so cheap. According to the store’s owner, the missing book is in high demand for dressmakers and costume designers for theatre and movies.

I’m most excited by First Steps in Dressmaking, Tailored Garments, Sewing Materials, Cutting and Fitting and Decorative Stitches and Trimmings.


I mean, look at that. Doesn’t it just make you want to go try out some Roman cutwork? Seriously, all that handstitching looks like work. But…doable? Maybe with some practise? I see some challenges coming up.

So, I’ve started off with First Steps in Dressmaking,  new-job exhaustion notwithstanding.  I’m already jealous of some of the vintage equipment! buttonhole scissors that you could adjust to the right size of the buttonhole! Emery bags for sharpening needles! And can one still get basting cotton? This is too cool not to share, so I might make a few scans available as downloads at some point. Going to have to dig out my scanner and get cracking!


Right, I’m off to cut an Anna bodice for this week’s project. Then some vintage reading and off to Dreamland, where ladies make samplers and Know The Value Of Tidiness.  I’ll try to post again later this week- got  to work on that backlog!


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