A last post for the year.


I’ve been a bit remiss about posting of late, mainly because I’m starting a new job in the new year, as well as general end-of-year madness. I finally completed my first costume- a version of Merida’s dress from Brave- but I’m not going to post that until the wig arrives and I can pose for the complete look. It was a lot of bloody work, I’ll tell you that. It’ll be worth it for Free Comic Book Day though.

IMG_4478notice my hairstyle: I call this sweaty-boxing-day-get-it-off-my-face-aargh chic.

I decided to do something that was a bit more summery, and I was inspired by all the Bernie Dexter sundresses, so using New Look 6776 and the most adorable Sarah Jane / Michael Miller fabric called Mermaids at Play , I whipped this up in about 5/6 hours. Including pattern cutting, making a muslin etc. really this is a super-speedy pattern to make, and my only issues were that the straps were rather too long, and had to be shortened. Of course, I was only able to see this once everything had been sewn up (I didn’t muslin the straps, just the bodice for size- oops), so I had to shorten them at the front bodice. It’s barely noticeable but I know it’s there, so next time I’ll probably have to chop a fair bit out the straps.

In fact, generally this pattern was a bit, shall we say, roomy, when it came to sizing. My measurements corresponded to a 12, but looking at the finished measurements, I thought a 10 would fit better. thank goodness I did a muslin, because even the 10 was too big!!! I ended up sewing the bodice with 2cm seam allowances instead of 1.5 and that came out perfectly. Honestly, I know I like my clothes to be fairly fitted  but there is no way a 12 would have looked even halfway decent! I will never understand how random the sizings of patterns are. Every pattern fits differently!


As usual, I took about 10cm off the length because I am El Shortypantso. I am however trying to make a few more above-the-knee length skirts because they’re more elegant (that’s a lie, it’s because bus seats are hot and sticky and sweaty and short skirts just don’t cut it on hot days).


When I was done I actually had a fair bit of fabric left over, so I quickly sewed up a quick self-drafted dirndl skirt with a lapped button and invisible zipper. It came out pretty good, considering I didn’t draft a pattern and it was pretty much a rectangles- and tailor’s chalk affair.  The gathers area  bit…intense, but it’s poufy in a good way. Me likey!


I also managed to use a vintage button from a batch my gran gave me so- emotional resonance, yay!

PicMonkey CollageAnyway fishies, have a lovely festive season and a fab New Year, and I’ll see you soon.


3 thoughts on “A last post for the year.

  1. I love the mermaid fabric! It is so very cute… and not everyone goes around wearing cute little mermaids on a dress. Well done! The dress and the skirt look great and I am sure will get a lot of wear. I also love that you have vintage buttons from your grandma and used one. Love those kind of memories. Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I always fall in love with this kind of illustrated fabric. And I think my gran would be happy someone finally used her buttons. She told me she’s had them for about 30 years! Some vintage zippers too!

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