Wiggle Dress Mania!


Gertie wiggle 2I only realised when I was editing the photos that the neckline had “peeped up” a bit, sorry.

A while ago I bought my first ever proper sewing book! Having followed Gertie’s blog for a while, I decided to get her New Book for Better Sewing, because a) lots of sewing advice and techniques and b) a veritable treasure-trove, nay, a buttload of patterns based on her favourites. I managed to find it on Takealot, which meant I could chip in some ebucks, so it was pretty affordable!

I immediately started with the wiggle dress, so I could get my Joan Holloway on. Wisely, for my first wiggle dress , I worked in a stretchy red knit which would be a bit more forgiving of the wigglyness. The pattern itself was pretty easy to follow, except for the gussets, and that was more because my mind and the description were not speaking the same language. Thankfully Gertie has a pretty helpful tutorial on her blog, and once I was familiar with the technique (ie by the second wiggle) it all flowed pretty smoothly. Here’s an important lesson for ya though: when the pattern calls for organza and you don’t have any, don’t use poly gingham instead just because “the red bits match”. One of my gussets now have white sprigs. sigh.


My flat arse meant that the pattern had a little too much wiggle, so I had to pare down the sides a fair bit, but it took about 5 minutes with a french curve to sort out, and in all other respects the pattern fit pretty well.

So I immediately decided to do a fully lined version in a non-stretch woven fabric because I am bonkers or a masochist, I don’t even know.


The lining seemed like a great idea until I got to the hem. Cue one ballooning hemline  (or more accurately, three failed attempts) later, I gave in and let the linings flow free at the lower hem. Still, it turned out great. It is however very fitted. Like, it is fine and I can move and breathe  and climb stairs but only just. I also have to sit up straight at all times. Which, ugh, I guess is a good thing.



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