Craft Break: Fox Face Brooches


Mollie Fox

You guys know how much I love foxes, right? I mean, I don’t have to go on and on about it again, do I, really? So when I got this edition of Mollie Makes, I felt* inspired to make these adorable brooches. I’ve been wanting to do some non-clothes-sewing related crafts for a while now, and the projects in Mollie Makes are so adorable and quick- especially when they provide the little kits and templates to make it super-convenient.

The little foxies were so quick and fun! and turned out supercute. (please excuse the not-yet-faded purple air-fade pen). I wish I could find some proper felt so I could make more felt foxes as gifts- I guess that’s another crafting resource I’ll have to track down.


I have to say I’ve fallen for Mollie Makes- the design, the photography, the projects- it’s really representative of the new breed of crafts magazines- fun, young, and gorgeous. Every time I page through I feel inspired to make something. I don’t necessarily get around to the actual crafting, you understand, but I am inspired.

*pun intended.


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