The Floral Anna

floral-annaA while ago I decided to give the Anna pattern by By Hand London a try- my first indie pattern! I was mostly inspired by all the variations that Roisin made. And on Saturday, I popped into the post office to collect my new friend.

IMG_3324I’ve been thinking I might use this to make something with my kimono fabric, but obviously that’s quite precious- not a lot of space for mistakes. So, I decided to make a wearable muslin- slash- practice run. I had some fabric leftover from this dress, which I thought would work nicely- lots of drape and easy to sew. Now, the thing is, I only had just over 2 metres of it, so I’d say squeezing an entire maxi out of what was there was quite a feat of mathematics! Luckily the pattern went in both directions, so I could wedge in the skirt pieces without going more than a few millimeters off-grain.

When I started tracing the pattern, it was immediately clear that the skirt panels were clearly far, far too long. I don’t know who this dress was designed for, but she is very, very tall. I lopped 4.5 inches off the hem (yes, inches, I blame my measuring gauge), which made a big difference. I made a size 8, which fits perfectly, slight back-neckline-gape excluded (I’m going to try a second version with a midi skirt to attempt to fix the neckline issue).


This was a very quick and easy sew- most of the time was spent on hand blind-stitching the slit seam, and french seaming almost all the seams (notably, I did not french seam the back/ zip seam, because how one would do that I do not know).

This was fun to make and lovely to wear honestly it is one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever made.



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