My Dream Fabric 4: Imaginary Lottery Win.

MDF 4I can’t do it any more. I can’t pick just one fabric at a time to lust after. They’re all just too pretty! So this week I’m going to make like a Donna Juanita of fabric-lovin’ and choose my favourites like I just came into a generous, hopefully tax-free lump sum of money. Being practical, of course most of that would go toward paying off debt, some savings, perhaps a nice first-class trip somewhere and a dishwasher (dishwashers! O the champagne dreams!). And then I’d rock and plushaddict like a hurricane. Going Crazy. Buying  4 metre lengths at a time. Livin’ la vida loca.

So, in no particular order, my five lusts of the moment. Well, five*of* my lusts. My wishlist is long. I mean hey guys, if one of you happened to be ridiculously wealthy and wanted to buy me entire bolts’ worth of fabric I wouldn’t say no. I’d even offer to bake you a cupcake or build you a tie or… [waves hand vaguely] something .


Erm, anyway: first up is  Robert Kaufman – Fox & Houndstooth Foxes Grey.

Foxes in dapper hats. Foxes with Monocles. Hipster foxes. Who doesn’t like foxes? Besides hounds and hunters and weirdos?  I like red foxes, of course, and Cape foxes are cute too (go kaapse foxies!). Lest we forget the cream of the crop, the fabled Fennec fox (the pinnacle of foxy-kawaii-chibi evolutionary development). Last but not least, we have the most famous and adorable of all foxes. Foxy fabric is totally calling to me. Maybe for a cute strappy sundress, with orange shoes. Speak not to me of your murdered chickens and rabies.  I  must have this! To the imaginary lottery winnings! Let’s splurge!


Michael Miller – Making Waves in Navy

Ah!Mateys! Ships on t’ briny sea! Yar! Ahoy! Rum. I don’t know guys, this just speaks to me on a deeper level. I like the colourway, I like the fishes, the repeating patterns, and the dinky chubby ships with their stereotypical anchors. I’m willing to overlook that they appear to be fishing with the anchor. It’s a minor detail in a very pleasant and relaxing nautical scene.  A pirate’s life for me! Actually no, I hate rum and planks and digging holes to put gold in. But nautical is always nice.


Riley Blake – Zombie Attack Gray

Zombie attack! Walkers! Lurkers! Um… Button-eyed mummies? Sure, yeah, I’ll bite*. I sort of think this is hideous, but in the most delightful way. I don’t even know what I’d make with this. A wiggle dress for the office? A ladylike high-necked blouse with puff sleeves? A sharp pants-and-blazer combo? For some reason I’m tempted to go all formal with this.


Michael Miller- Children at Play Balloon in Aqua

Balloons: not just a word I consistently misspell**; but a lifestyle.  Ballons are a joy. Belons are light and free and floaty. Boaloos are versatile-  water baloosn, balloon animals, weather boloons, hot air balaons, gastric bypass- you know what, I think you get my point.  Do not fail to note a bunny and a girl in a striped sundress hidden among the inflatable horde, headed off to who knows what sort of winsome adventures. Mine for the taking, once my ship comes in***.


Michael Miller-  Children at Play On Parade

This is from the same series, you can tell by the pixels matching balloons. There’s something delightfully old-fashioned and storybook about this. Notable achievements include knee socks, hat-wearing pink baby elephants, paper hats and bunting. I totally see this as the skirt to a mostly-white dress- just the kids partying around the hemline. One of whom is riding a bicycle in pointed cowboy boots.  It’s a parade, but it’s friendly, organised and not too crowded. Nothing worse than a crowded parade; nobody sees your jaunty hat and homemade flag.

What do you think of my picks? Do you find theme qually adorable or are you dismayed at my lack of fine aesthetic sensibilities? POLL TIME!!!

* Oh look a pun
**I shall now proceed to belabour a point.
***for example of ships, see fabric #2


8 thoughts on “My Dream Fabric 4: Imaginary Lottery Win.

  1. Oooh this post got me SO excited! Your last two fabric choices are from a lady that I’ve been following for the longest time – I think you’ll love her latest fabric collection, you can see it here: (I have a not so secret ambition to venture into fabric design myself, so I’m trying to learn from the best!) Love your fabric choices and holding thumbs for that big, tax free lump sum of money to come your way! 🙂 x

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