Eggs in a Nest dress

PicMonkey-CollageRemember a while ago, I received a care package of lovely bright fabrics from Nigeria, courtesy of my friend Erin? Of course you do. Well, here is the first result! I decided to go for a sleeveless, summery dress, because the weather is getting hotter now, and I’m starting to see the need for some lighter, breezier outfits for those sweaty days. The ones where the bus ride home is a lesson in not breathing, because of that one person who smells rancid and covered it over with cheap perfume. It’s a bus ride to Migraine City, population Me.

This was not my first sleeveless lined dress- I have yet to photograph the white lacy one because I haven’t worn it yet. You should know by now that this is not going to be one of those chronological-order, organised sewing blogs.  The white lacy one was a bit of a sonofabitch because- and this is wholly typical of me- I read the instructions once on a Thursday, then assumed I totally knew how to do it, duh, then attempted it on a Sunday with a migraine reaching crescendo. This culminated with me hunched over the somewhat opaque pattern instructions on the dining-room-floor, massaging my temples, groaning “I don’t understand, I don’t understand!” over and over. Sufficit to say that this time it was way easier, and next time I plan to do a photo tutorial in case anyone else ends up as confused as I was.

IMG_3218Eleganza Extravaganza, as The Great Goddess RuPaul would say. Working that ladylike pose like a boss.

Once again it’s a reworking of the bodice from my old fave, Simplicity 1873. I lowered the neckline a bit in front and back and trimmed the straps  down, then added a very basic dirndl-type skirt from 2 rectangles of the fabric- I would have preferred a circle skirt, but the pattern has a subtle pinstripe in it. The fabric is fairly firm- close to a quilting cotton, although somehow lighter and yet less drapey. It was fairly starched when i got it, and after the pre-wash was better, so I’m thinking it might soften with repeated washings. It’s never going to  be flowy, though, so I skipped a skirt lining- it wasn’t needed and this way the skirt is lighter and more stinky-sweaty-bus friendly. I lined the bodice with a super light and somewhat crinkly black- cottony fabric, because I hate facings with the fire of a thousand suns.

IMG_3215The Back view with my much-loved shrug from Three Minute Happiness in Japan. (Best store name ever). Also: how fierce are my kicks? 
IMG_3214Bringing you fashion editorial realness.

I must take a moment to thank my friend Michal, who has been patiently letting me interrupt her work day so I can order her around and take increasingly awkward photos of me prancing around our work campus like Nerd Queen. Thanks, Mich.


4 thoughts on “Eggs in a Nest dress

    • Wow, I really think our shoes could be cousins! Your pattern is pretty cute too.

      And thanks! I’m really pleased with how this turned out. People really seem to respond to the fabric, which makes me happy, because it’s such great fabric!

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