My Dream fabric #3: Makower Locally Grown Eggs


So, I was thinking about baby birds the other day (as you do), and it seems to me that the cuter the chick, the uglier the adult bird and vice-versa. Chickens are not the ugliest bird around, but they are kind of silly-looking, and/ or boring; but their chicks are so cute and yellow and fluffy! Totes adorbs, as I’m told  the young people say these days .

Which got me wondering about budgies. I’ve never seen a budgie chick- they’re always sold fully grown and ready to poop like angry rainclouds all over anything they come in contact with, and chew on everything else. Budgies are bright and colourful and sleek- very graphic designy. So, according to the rules, they must be pretty ugly babies, right?


I think we can agree that it is adorably ugly. It looks like it got chewed on just a *bit*.

Mind you, cygnets; contrary to what the story tells you; are pretty damn cute, if less colourful than ducklings, and there are plenty of ugly birds with ugly babies , so really I’m stereotyping.

The moral of the story is: little yellow chicks are cute and fluffy, and I adore this fabric. I think it would lovey as a tea dress or a little tunic like this one from Simplicity.


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