Nothing like a good Ham (and a Sausage)

Ham Sausage final

One of the most pressing issues* a sewist can face  when crafting a really professional-looking garment is ironing seams, hems and necklines. Getting the iron into fiddly areas like sleeves, armholes, curves etc can be a bit of a daunting task at best, and hair-rendingly frustrating at others.  I had been using  “bunching up a lot of random scrap threads and shoving them in the garment” technique and was of course unsatisfied with it, when I discovered there were these magical things called Tailor’s ham and Sausage.

You use these two very firm cushions to press the garment against, and they’re shaped especially for round seams, sleeves and the like. I got the pattern off Tilly and the Buttons– A guest post and very useful tut  by the author of Victory Patterns.

ham sausage 1

I decided to use a yard of Gloomy Bear heavy quilting fabric I had fallen in love with  Japan and never managed to find a use for.  The process was simple- pin it, cut it trace the darts (I cut my darts out the pattern pieces to make them easier to trace. I also do them on both sides so they’re easy to match up from any angle) and then press and sew the darts.

ham & Sausage 2

Then with right sides together, I stitched around three of the  “sides” , leaving a 5cm section open for stuffing. I turned it right-side out, then proceeded to toss sawdust all over the ironing board and the floor stuff sawdust into the hole, until it was very firm and I absolutely could not get any more in.  Then I slipstitched the hole closed. Et voila! a matched set of Gloomy Ham and Gloomy Sausage! They’ve already been mighty useful, and I keep patting them, like tiny unresponsive pets.

*pun, unfortunately, completely intended.

One thought on “Nothing like a good Ham (and a Sausage)

  1. Very interesting – I could really use those, but I’m way to lazy to make them. I wish I knew someone who could make them for me…………………..

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