My New Foot

Blind Hem Foot

My new blind hem foot, that is!  I’ve been a bit obsessed with perfecting my blind hems at the moment (lots of practicing mini-hems on scraps of fabric), and had gotten fairly good at doing them with a regular foot.  Still, I really wanted, absolutely had to have, and became a bit single-minded about getting a proper blind hem foot. This was easier said than done.

The thing is, my trusty Toyota sewing machine is getting on a bit in years, and so finding accessories for it can be a bit of a chore.  It has a short- shank foot system, which is not all that common, and so my options were limited. Ebay was a bit unreliable-looking- how could I tell this would be the right fit? The Toyota website was in pounds (never a good sign) and between the exchange rate and the shipping, I was not going down that road.  Cape Town Sewing Centre and Fabric City didn’t have them, and I was about to give up when someone suggested Afsew , since their focus is more on sewing machines and equipment than fabric and notions.

I was ably assisted by Allen, who checked his stock and said that while, unfortunately, there were no blind hem feet for a short shank, he did have a converter that could work with a clip-in foot. Bonus: the converter would work with any clip-in foot, so my buying options for feet have been increased considerably! Just a press of the red button, and the foot would release, and I could clip in a new one.

And so, I was able to leave Afsew with my prized new foot, and rushed home to play footsie with some hems.


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