Zippity – hoo-hah.


Zips.  I can honestly say that I am too, too not-very-good at installing zips. The best I can hope for is “neat”, but they’re never quite …there. And my invisible zips are never invisible, because I don’t do invisible zips. Take this one from my current project,  Simplicity 1801:

What the What?

Ugh. I couldn’t even bear to photograph it properly.

 Not invisible, and not even neat. It all started out so well. The basting was in, it all looked neat, and then when it came time to sew it in: entropy. Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, zips end up shoddy. Sigh. So, I had to go to bed, where I tossed and turned all night (okay, for about ten minutes) stressing over this damnable zip. I dreamed zip dreams, and woke up sad about my zip. Then my stupid computer broke (please don’t ask me about how my computer- which was switched off- managed to switch itself on when I was just plugging in my straight iron, and then just die.)

So, First thing I did this morning (on my work computer, because grrr) was check out a proper tutorial, with pictures (I need pictures) on how to put in an invisible zip. really, this avoidance of proper zip technique is a) lazy and b) cowardly, and needs to stop. This one by By Hand London was, I think, the most helpful- it makes zip-putting-inning* almost simple!

So, first step was to pull out the zipper (more like zip-argh, amirite?). Rip rip rip, snip, yank, blerg. WHY ARE THESE STITCHES SO SMALL!

7 years later:

Okay, I got all the stitching out and everything looked neat…ish. I  ironed back the seam allowance, but left the creases there as a guide. Using the tutorial I basted in my first side, and sewed it close to the zip teeth. Then I flipped it over to check: lo and behold, it was not close enough. Only about 2mm difference, but it was enough. so back to the machine I traipsed (2 steps) and fiddled with my zip foot. then I resewed the zip, making sure my stitching was super-close to the zip teeth,  it was much better second time around, so I basted in my second side.

zip 1

Basted and sewed in the first side.. Not quite good enough, though.

zip 2

Basting in the second seam / getting in tight with the zipper teeth.

And… it worked!


Much better, still can’t seem to photograph it though.

While it wasn’t the most perfect invisible zipper ever- it gaped a bit where the seams were a bit chunky- it’s still way better than it was. And not bad for my first try! It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be- and I’m excited to keep practising until I have perfect zips!

*actual technical term

3 thoughts on “Zippity – hoo-hah.

  1. I’m so glad someone else has had the same zip-based issues as me – the last time I tried to sew a zip it took me three attempts (lots of swearing was involved). Will definitely refer to that tutorial next time I have to tackle one…or maybe I’ll only sew zip-free items from now on!

    • yeah, it’s kind of sad that our decisions are influenced by something that’s actually not that scary! I know someone who ONLY makes things with buttons or elastics- she just REFUSES to even TRY a zip. I’m happy to be over this hump- now to just practise, practise, practise until I’m PERFECT! (Obsessed, Moi?)

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