That first greeting post.

So awkward, right? nothing before, still lots (hopefully) to come. This is a journey through time and space, as I sew my way from “yeah, that’s good enough to wear” slapdash sewing to expert craftsmanship worthy of couture.

Well, that’s the plan, at least.

Above left is a fabric  I bought from Plush Addict (so lovely, but suuuch heinous shipping fees to South Africa). Lovely cotton, slightly calicoey- pretty sure it’s quilting cotton. should be stiff enough for the dress  I plan, but with a bit of drape. On the right is a pattern I recently ordered from My plan is to marry them, and what a blissful union it shall be.

Another plan. So many!

In any case, the next couple of posts will be an update on my current project and a tutorial on all things button-y.




One thought on “That first greeting post.

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